Stamina X Air Rowing Machine

Stamina X Air Rowing Machine Review

In rowing machines, it is important to get a machine that will give you the resistance you need. However, what if you are looking for one which is small, cheap and powerful at the same time?

Fortunately, the Stamina X Air Rowing Machine has all the things you need that your ideal rowing machine should have at a price less than the competitors.

Description of the Stamina X Air Rowing Machine

Do you want a rowing machine that takes care of your workout needs and your comfort as you use it? This rowing machine from Stamina comes with everything you need in a rowing machine and more that you can’t find on other machines.

Stamina X ATS Air Rowing Machine

Here are the features of the Stamina X Air Rowing Machine that you should check out.

  • You can change the intensity of the workout through the way you row this machine as your strokes will influence the air resistance created by this machine
  • You are guaranteed a very comfortable workout because it comes with a sliding, padded and upholstered seat that will not only support your bottom, but also your back. Large footplates and straps are also included to ensure your feet—regardless of their size—will not slide off as you row. The handles are also made with a textured material so your hands won’t slip as you use the machine
  • It comes with its very own monitoring system that will help you determine your progress and adjust your workout targets
  • After each use, the machine can easily be folded; moving it around is easy thanks to its built-in wheels
  • The machine also comes with floor protectors to ensure that the machine does not damage your floors
  • If your machine comes with any defect or there is a damage to your machine, it comes with a 3-year warranty.

Stamina X Air Rowing Machine Reviews

For a very slim machine, the Stamina X Air Rowing Machine has quite a lot of good features that are perfect for any user. However, does it work well in real-life conditions?

To find out if it does have what it takes to be your next rowing machine, here are the pros and cons of this machine.


This compact, yet powerful rowing machine comes with quite a lot of features that you may find surprising when you get on this machine. You will no longer need to worry about where you can place your tablets or phones while using this machine because it has a part that can hold it without it falling as you row.

In terms of the intensity or resistance, you can easily control the resistance just by how hard or light, fast or slow, you row. Unlike its counterparts among Stamina’s rowing machine, the resistance immediately changes when you change your speed.

It is also comfortable to use, especially for the legs and for the knees. The monitor is also very good and easy to understand.


However, there are some points with this machine that should be considered before buying. First of all, the design of the rower can be quite difficult to work with because of the L-shape bracket found at the bottom, and it can make unfolding the machine very difficult.

The handle is also another area that must be checked because there is a possibility it may be difficult to return it from the holster.

Another point of consideration for this machine is the Velcro strap used to hold the feet in place. Those with smaller foot sizes may also find the straps a problem because the they are secured on the upper part of the foot and cannot be moved down to accommodate smaller sized feet.

The simple monitor cannot be modified to measure in miles, and the calorie measurement is not very accurate. It may also be very noisy to use for those with sensitive hearing.

Bottom line

You don’t need to go outdoors to get fit or go in the water just to row. With the Stamina X Air Rowing Machine, you will be able to control the way you work out and monitor your results without having to stop during the process.

Stamina X Air Rowing Machine Review

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