Stamina 1205 Precision Rower Review

Stamina 1205 Precision Rower Review

Finding a decent rowing  machine to use at home can be a quite a challenge, especially if you need a rowing machine that will help with your aerobic exercise and weight loss program. Some can be quite expensive so, which brand should you turn to for your rowing machine needs?

Simple—check out Stamina and its 1205 Precision Rower!

Description of the Stamina 1205 Precision Rower

If you want a powerful, precision rowing machine which is slim, sturdy and not too expensive, Stamina has the rowing machine you need. Not only is it slim, it promises to give you the work out you need.

Below are the features of the Stamina 1205 Precision Rower that you should check out.

Stamina 1205 Precision Rower

  • This rowing machine comes with a strong extruded aluminum beam to support you as you row with the machine
  • It also comes with a deluxe ball bearing roller system that makes rowing easier and more fluid
  • It also comes with a smooth hydraulic cylinder to work with the rolling system
  • You can adjust the tension of the rowing machine thanks to its adjustable tension control mechanism
  • It also has a monitor which can be controlled with one button which details the entire workout, from speed, distance, calories burned to rowed miles
  • It comes with a very comfortable padded seat that will not easily wear out as you use it
  • For your feet, the machine comes with swiveling foot plates to ensure that your feet remain comfortable throughout the exercise


Before running to the nearest sports center, it is best to find out whether this rowing machine is the best of the bunch. In order to determine if it is capable of doing what it promises, here are the pros and cons.


For a very slim rowing machine, this one packs quite a punch with the features it offers. Beginners love this machine because you it does not require much to get this fully assembled, or disassembled after use.

It is also lightweight, making it easy to store the machine when you are finished with your workout. Users with small spaces would also love this machine because it is slimmer than other rowers.

The parts of the machine are high quality, guaranteeing that this machine can handle any user, and in case of worn out parts, you can contact the company for replacements. in terms of its performance, the rowing system is very smooth and it is very easy to increase the intensity over time.

It also offers a very good strength and cardio workout and you will definitely feel the burn throughout your workout. It is also quite silent when used, allowing you to watch or listen to music or the TV while rowing on the machine. It is also relatively less expensive than other small rowing machines on the market today.


However, there a few negatives that prospective buyers should consider before buying this product. First of all, the instructions on how to assemble this machine can be hard to understand and do not explain each part clearly.

Some parts also need caution when putting them in because they can easily break as they may be made of plastic. It is also advisable not to touch the shock absorbers of this rower after each work out because they are pretty hot.

Some may also find the resistance too much or too little and find it may be difficult to adjust the degree because the machine does not have clear instructions on how to do so. The handles may also be a bit of an issue for some users because they are slightly far apart and there is no way to adjust it to accommodate the height of users.

Bottom line

Getting a rower that works well in your home in a limited space is now possible with the Stamina 1205 Precision Rower. Although it is smaller than a regular rowing machine and cheaper in cost, it is capable of giving you quite a workout and accommodate your rowing levels as you improve.

Stamina 1205 Precision Rower Review

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