Kettler Coach E

Kettler Coach E Rowing Machine Review

The Kettler Coach E Rowing Machine isn’t cheap at around $1,400, but it is feature-packed with plenty of technological options, numerous workout programs, life-like rowing action and very smooth performance.

If you are looking to work the major muscle groups and experience the varied cardiovascular motion, the Kettler Coach E can make a very effective piece of kit for the home gym.

Description of the Kettler Coach E

Lightweight and easy to store, the Kettler Coach E is certain to make a positive addition to the home gym for those in search of low-impact exercise that won’t stress the back area or joints. Let’s take a look at the most pleasing features of this Kettler rowing machine:

  • Enjoy a varied range of programs. The Kettler Coach E is built with 12 exercise programs to help vary your activity and keep you motivated. A useful program is the option to monitor the heart rate and the resistance level is auto adjusted to help stay within the heart rate target range.
  • Large and easy to read LCD display. You get to easily monitor your workout by checking the data displayed on the high-resolution screen. Useful information to check includes pulse rate, strokes, energy consumed, distance, time and frequency. Also, the display is calibrated to help provide the most accurate information.
  • Make use of frictionless electromagnetic resistance. Every workout training session can easily be tailored to match the specific needs. The variable resistance (25W to 500W) is entirely smooth to help create the custom challenges. Setting the resistance to a high 500W is even able to help improve the fitness level of the most active people.
  • Satisfactory seat protection for greater all-round comfort while rowing. The seat is packed with a thick padding to give the most reliable comfort even after completing the long rowing session. Additionally, the seat is attached to the rail using top grade rollers which have the ability to provide a smooth and stable performance.
  • Well positioned footplates. The footplates are designed to give the type of pivoting action that is natural and gives a complete longitudinal rowing action.
  • Solid built and durable. For long-term durability and strength the Kettler Coach E has a high carbon steel frame with a powder coated finish. Additionally, this rowing machine has a breakage lifetime guarantee in place.
  • Mounted castor wheels: the Kettler Coach E is built with castor wheels to make relocating this rowing machine in the home as straightforward as possible.
  • Extras included. A Polar T34 heart rate monitor chest strap is included to ensure everything is instantly available as soon as you start using the rower.


The Kettler Coach E Rowing Machine is a very satisfactory piece of equipment for the home gym. Here are the most noticed pros and cons to help get a complete idea of the quality of this rower:


  • Excellent build quality that will easily stand up to regular use
  • Assembly is a fairly simple process with the helpful instructions and likely to take about 45-60 to complete
  • The actual rowing action is free flowing and smooth which helps to make it virtually whisper quiet when in use
  • Workout monitor and Polar heart rate monitor is very appealing
  • Easy to convert the rower to a cable machine to make it easier to work on only the chosen muscles
  • The rower is compact and easy to move using the castor wheels.
  • Additionally, it can be stored virtually to avoid taking up too much space.
  • Hard-wearing roller system, seat and frame
  • Packaged with a lifetime warranty for the frame


  • Relatively high cost for this Kettler branded rowing machine when compared to the Concept2 Model D which is our top rated rower and available at a price that is several hundred below the listed price of the Kettler Coach E.
  • The LCD display isn’t backlit, which makes it quite difficult to read in a room that isn’t well-lit.

Bottom line

Overall, the Kettler Home Exercise/Fitness Equipment: Coach E Rowing Machine is one that is worth investigating, but it is undoubtedly expensive. If you aren’t likely to take advantage of its many features, such as the multiple exercises, it may be worth looking at a more cost-effective model. A great alternative model is the Concept2 Model D which is cheaper, but is still packed with plenty of useful features.

Kettler Coach E Rowing Machine Review

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