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Fitbill B607 Smart Magnetic Rowing Machine Aerobic Rower Review

Rowing machines tend to be very bulky and sometimes, finding a good one that would be good for heavier users and remain usable for a long time can be difficult. If you are looking for a rowing machine that will help get you in shape, work with any user level and weight, and won’t be too pricey, the Fitbill B607 Smart Magnetic Rowing Machine Aerobic Rower may be up for the challenge.

Description of the Fitbill B607 Smart Magnetic Rowing Machine Aerobic

If you are hoping for an inexpensive, yet sturdy and powerful rowing machine, the Fitbill B607 Smart Magnetic Rowing Machine Aerobic Rower is a rowing machine you should look at. With just a few steps, you can get this rowing machine running and at the difficulty, you want in seconds.

fitbill Rowing Machine Rower with Bluetooth Smart Technology, Workout App, Magnetic Resistance, Folding Design and High Weight Capacity

Check out the features of the Fitbill B607 Smart Magnetic Rowing Machine Aerobic Rower.

  • This rowing machine comes with its very own Bluetooth speed sensor and training app to help monitor your rowing workouts. (Extra note: The Bluetooth stroke sensor must be recharged and connected to the machine before use)
  • The training app comes with a free 6-month progressive trainer program designed by Fitbill’s head trainer Terry Linde that helps users with their training. It also logs in every training, which is cloud saved for easy reference. The app is also regularly updated to give users new means to take their training to the next level
  • This rowing machine also comes with its very own Smart Scale, which works with the Fitbill training app and work without having to monitor it through a mobile phone. It enables you to know your body weight just by stepping on a scale with the Fitbill app active
  • The machine has comfortable seats and pedals, which can be adjusted depending on the resistance levels needed
  • The resistance levels of this rowing machine range from 1 to 10, 1-3 for smooth rowing and a cardio workout, to 7-10 for a tougher workout
  • The pedals come with self-adhering straps and a non-slip surface to ensure your feet will not slip throughout the workout
  • The machine is also very silent thanks to its aluminum railing and the wheels installed. The wheels produce <30 dB of sound each time it is used
  • When not in use, this rowing machine can easily be folded up and into place without any tools or equipment. You will also find it easier to move the machine thanks to the caster wheels.
  • This rowing machine has the weight capacity of 250 lbs., making it suitable for any user
  • When ordered, the company offers expert assembly for an additional price

Fitbill B607 Smart Magnetic Rowing Machine Aerobic Reviews

The Fitbill B607 Smart Magnetic Rowing Machine Aerobic Rower packs quite a punch and is definitely a contender for the best rowing machine available on the market today. However, does it actually work as it should? To find out more about this rowing machine in real life, here are the things you should know before purchasing it.


There are many things you will love about this rowing machine that you may not find easily in other rowing machines on the market. The construction of the entire rowing machine is very sturdy thanks to its aluminum and steel components.

Each part of the machine was well-thought out to ensure it can handle the resistance each user needs and can easily handle their weight.

It is also easy to assemble because you only need to remove the locking pin to unfold the machine, and once assembled, lock it back so it would hold in place. It is also not heavy, making it easy to move around.

It does what it promises in handling a heavy load, and any resistance without making much noise. It is also very comfortable to use, including holding the pulling handle, which is designed to reduce the stress in the wrist as you row. The resistance levels are also true to  promise, as well as the extra features of the rowing machine.


Unfortunately, there are some problems you may encounter when you purchase this rowing machine. First of all, the rowing machine uses a full magnetic resistance system to help get that resistance needed per user.

A downside to this is the fact it cannot generate a dynamic response which would adjust the resistance as you row. Considering this fact, it would not be good for athlete rowers who need a dynamic response from the rowing machine to improve their movement.

The application included in the machine is also a problem because it tends to disconnect in the middle of the exercise and reset without warning.

Bottom line

It is important that your rowing machine is able to handle the challenge you need for your workouts and let you keep track of each one with ease. With the Fitbill B607 Smart Magnetic Rowing Machine Aerobic Rower, you can adjust the settings of your exercise as you grow and still be assured the rowing machine will be usable for a long time.

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Fitbill B607 Smart Magnetic Rowing Machine Aerobic Rower Review



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